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Front of the tshirt
Est 1990

Tattoos by me at indigo in Norwich

Tel: 01603 886143 for appointments

Airbrushing by me, I don’t airbrush for clients any more, just for my own personal enjoyment and stress.... what you see is just what I used to do before I got heavily into tattooing art and my VW which was a 3.5 year project that got out of control. But enjoy

I’m a self taught airbrush artist & semi-self taught tattooist and pro custom paint sprayer.

I started around 1990 with a loan from the PYBT. I studied art at school, and a spell at King’s Lynn college, wanting to be a graphic designer which never happened as I found English very hard & art easy, but you need English to get anywhere, so in the end I dropped out, thinking I would get into spraying as away into graphics why? I never know.

I got onto a government course in the late 80’s, the ones that treat you like a slave but I learnt what I wanted and I was good at spraying, ended up at Lotus Cars spraying top coat,but that ended shortly with being made redundant, but gave me enough to start spraying from a good friends shed, doing bikes and playing with a airbrush, as a year passed I thought I would start Hewy Designs, its not been easy being self-taught, with a lot of lows with a few highs to make it worth the effort, that some just get thrust upon them wether they are good or not, even with meeting of Prince Charles which became a high, which pops into my life now  and then, even still now , a very interesting man and had loads to say. After my son was born 1998 it was the time to start something new , tattooing was it, and that do have lots of ups and downs, hard isn’t the word, but now having over 10 years under my belt and being one of the best in Norfolk even from being almost self-taught, now once again I’ve started some thing new  and its doing oil painting, and studying others as I was never given the chance but as fate does I’ve been put on a path where through a brother I’ve met a painter called Joe Goddridge. A new stage.

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